Thursday, November 1, 2007

so why my own website?

Well. Considering that I have a blog. I figured that it would probably be important to explain why I have this website. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Danielle Camilo and I am a student, graphic designer, and proud business owner of I currently go to Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles and have to say that I am loving it. But back to the point.

Earlier this year (2007) my business' website shut down due to me trying to figure out html (not a good idea if you don't know what you are doing...). Because I couldn't edit the site for another 30 days after the screw up, I had to make a new website fast so that I could process orders and have the site up and running for a festival that was going to be held later that month. So was born.

Now, why am I making this blog? Well, lately I had a crazy epiphany and realized that I shouldn't be censoring my art just because people look at it. I also realized that my business work is one thing, but what about the stuff that is just for me that I care about? So this is my portfolio website and insider on how my graphic process is handled and how I can be an artist as well. Growing up I learned a lot from looking up other graphic designers and illustrator's work and process, so maybe my work can be inspirational as well :)

So yeah, that is me. When you get a chance check out my business at Made it almost 2 years ago and still running. I make pretty much everything from tattoo designs to business logos. And if you have any questions just email me at

Thanks, hope you all reading have a great day,